Custom Wood Decks for Boats

There is a growing interest and desire for the Custom hand built boats of the past. And there are only a handful of experienced boat builders left in the country that know how to build wood deck boats. There are no special machines used in this process, it is all done with hand planners, body grinders, and sanders from start to finish. The following information is provided here for interested people wanting a wood deck installed on their boat. A deck that will set their boat apart from everyone else. You choose from many different domestic and exotic woods to be used on your deck.

Contact me for more detailed information and pricing.

The following pictures are of a 1965 Miller Flatbottom I am currently restoring from the ground up. I will update this page as the project progresses.

To the right is the jig I have designed to build the plywood portion of the deck.

The picture above left is before start of restoration.
Above right - deck removed completely and a new wood shear being installed.
The picture to the right shows the old floors and engine stringers removed.

Pictures below show the new engine stringers, mahogany floors, birch bulkheads, and carbon fiber between the engine stringers installed and finished.

Pictures from Hot Boat Magazine August 2005.