Custom Classic ALL Wood Boats

My latest project is a Classic ALL Wood 18' flatbottom.

I have two versions available now. This one, in the build-up pictures,
and the other with 2" more freeboard.

Contact me for more detailed information and pricing.

Available from a bare hull with underwater gear to turnkey.

Pictures to the right and below are of the jig I built and the framing for the boat.

Pictures to the right and below show the keel, battons, chine and shear being installed.

Pictures to the right and below show the plywood sides installed.
Solid wood at rear is to provide extra strength for adjustable cavitation plate.

Boat will have clear finished Birch transom and part of the sides within the trim paint. Bottom and sides are done and ready for fiberglass.

Bottom fiberglassed and finished. Strut, whip strut installed and shaft hole drilled.

The boat is off the jig and right side up!! The wood on the inside will be cleaned up and finished before deck work.

Installed S.S. carriage bolts, engine rails, and cavitation plate hardware and supports.

Deck buildup.

Deck will have birch plywood to match the transom and sides
and the solid wood rails will be Andiroba and ash.

The hull is completely done and all the underwater
gear is installed including the steering and v-drive.

Motor pre-installed before having the heads rebuilt
Cavitation plate control rod and handle installed.

The boat is now finished and ready to go!